YegaTech- AEC Technology Consulting

Technical Expertise

We are a multi-disciplinary group of practitioners and technologists with diverse backgrounds in design, engineering, construction, and process optimization. With our expertise, we empower you to remove your business bottlenecks and improve efficiency and productivity.

Advance Data Analytics

Comparing your past project data (e.g., teams, drawings, financials, contracts) against project metrics could help you understand why some projects were successful and others were not. Our talented team of data scientists can analyze your data to identify critical execution issues that should be avoided in the future so that you can increase your profit margin.

Machine Learning

Today, machine learning is used in various domains in the design and construction industry, from predicting your cash flow to augmenting your sales capabilities.

Want to create an intelligent solution for your business? With our deep expertise in machine learning, we can build self-improving technologies that learn from your data and generate actionable insights for your business.


Modular design optimization Generative design

Every time you maximize or minimize something, you use optimization. In other words, optimization helps you make the most effective use of your resources. For instance, you can use optimization techniques to minimize material or labor usage to reduce your operational costs and maximize your profits.

Computer Vision

Analyzing streams of videos, piles of photos, and design drawings from current or previous projects is a monumental task. Computer vision can help you find the object of interest (e.g., doors, windows, helmets) to count the number of units in place, automate quality inspection (e.g., fireproofing, welding), assess the work in progress, and much more.

Natural Language Processing

Textual information such as contracts, specifications, RFIs, reports, and project briefs is part of every design and construction project. Processing this information at scale is a tedious task for humans. Natural language processing techniques can help you categorize textual information (e.g., contracts), find the common issues in various projects, find the best route for RFIs based on their contents, and much more.

And ChatGPT is one of the recent language models that can generate realistic, human-like text.

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