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Data and AI Technologies for Subcontractors

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Explore data and AI technologies for subcontractors

Data and AI Technologies for Subcontractors

Sales configurator

With an AI-powered sales configurator, which automatically generates a quote or proposal per project requirements, your team can become more efficient and productive. Your team can also improve your client experience by allowing the client to easily configure and visualize the products or services they are interested in.

Intelligent bidding

AI-powered solutions can help you create, evaluate, and prioritize various bidding options based on your internal data and an analysis of external competition. By doing so, you can get ahead of your competitors and win more profitable projects.

Supply chain management

Data and AI solutions empower you to make fast and reliable decisions by analyzing supply chain data and optimizing your procurement process.

Change order management

Change orders often have cascading effects that might not be obvious to project managers and engineers. When changes occur on your projects, AI solutions help create and evaluate a wide range of possibilities for identifying a set of actions your team needs to take. By doing so, your team can optimize schedules and improve productivity when changes occur.

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