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Automated quality inspections

Virtual quality inspection with AI solutions is faster, more accurate, and more consistent than manual inspection. You improve efficiency and work productivity by detecting defects or deviations from specified standards. By systematically collecting and analyzing data, you will gain transparency and visibility in the quality of work in the fabrication or construction processes quicker and more efficiently.

Manage RFIs effectively​

Data and AI solutions enable your team to analyze construction plans and specifications to identify potential issues or areas of uncertainty and generate RFIs automatically. With these AI solutions, you can also manage RFIs more efficiently and reduce the risk of delays and cost overruns.

Industrialized construction​

AI-powered solutions help optimize your design for fabrication and assembly by analyzing supply chain trends, resource constraints, and project-specific requirements. These solutions empower you to improve production efficiency, reduce material usage and costs, and enhance the quality of prefabricated components.

Monitor and track project progress​

Data captured by sensors and other IoT devices can be analyzed with AI algorithms to identify trends, predict potential issues, and provide real-time updates on your project progress.

Increase safety on construction sites​

AI solutions can streamline real-time hazard detections on job sites and help you prevent potential accidents earlier. You can also use AI solutions to improve the safety culture of your teams.

Enhance cost estimation and budgeting​

Data and AI solutions can help reduce the risk of cost overruns and budgeting errors so that your firm can be more productive and competitive. The YegaTech team can train AI models that help you optimize the allocation of resources, such as labor and materials, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of your budget.

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