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AI is not Magic!

Kelly Cone, the VP of Product Management at ClearEdge, was our speaker in September. Kelly shared an overview of how ClearEdge3D software solutions leverage AI and computer vision technologies to reduce tedious manual modeling and quality assessments.

What is ClearEdge3D?

ClearEdge is automating scan-to-BIM and construction verification workflows via three software technologies:

  • Edgewise accelerates the process of creating a building information model from laser scan data using computer vision. It automatically extracts geometry from the point cloud data and facilitates the classification of the geometry into relevant categories for BIM/CAD. The classified geometric model can then be exported to a number of file formats and brought directly into Revit, Plant3D, and PDMS as native geometry from EdgeWise’s model database.
    1. Largely automates the extraction of pipe, conduit, and round duct networks; structural steel, concrete, and wood framing; interior partitions; and terrain.
    2. Speeds up the accurate as-built extraction of the rectangular duct and cable tray.
    3. Automatically fills in occlusions between connecting pipe/conduit/duct segments and automatically infills elbows as well.
    4. Reduces the man-hours required to convert a 3D scan to BIM by up to 70% – giving you a huge head start on the modeling work!

  • Verity compares scans from the field during construction to ensure that work has been installed correctly per the shop drawings or the design intent. Verity uses a generic algorithm to verify the status of any object and to provide dimensional variances between the intended and actual position of the work. It generates detailed reports and sends them to other collaboration platforms, like BIM Track, Procore, or Autodesk BIM360.

  • Rithm for Navisworks runs specific analyses relevant for concrete placement and validates the surface deformation and construction quality in the field. Rithm can identify flooring mistakes on wet or dry concrete and eliminate third-party contractors‘ need for flooring analysis.

AI technologies in the market, including ours, are not yet complete enough to replace the role of professionals in our industry. The version of the future where AI replaces your field engineer or superintendent is a long way off. However, AI technologies such as ours are highly effective as tools to improve (sometimes dramatically!) the productivity of our professionals in the office and in the field. At least for the next few decades, we should look to AI to make our shrinking workforce productive enough to tackle the ever-increasing number of buildings we need to remediate, remodel, retrofit, or replace!

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