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AI Advisory Consulting

Do you want to lead the AEC industry in the age of disruption but don’t know where to start?

With our decades of experience working in the AEC industry and AI solution development, we created a proven framework to operationalize AI in your company. By forming an AI task force, finding AI opportunities that give your company market differentiation, creating an AI strategy and execution plan, and defining an AI governance framework, we’ll help you accelerate your business strategy, get ahead of your competitors, and lead the industry in the age of disruption. The YegaTech team offers AI Advisory services to AEC leaders, innovators, and organizations.
AI Strategy for AEC

AI Strategy​

Are you looking to create an AI strategy that sets you apart in the market?

Most AEC companies today experiment with available AI solutions without thinking strategically about how these solutions may give them market differentiation. Instead, we recommend creating an AI strategy that aligns with your business strategy first. 

To accelerate your AI journey, we provide a customized strategic roadmap and framework for your AI initiatives, complemented by ongoing mentorship and feedback to your AI team for your AI project’s successful creation and implementation.

AI Governance Advisory

AI Governance

Are you thinking about how to protect your privacy and IP in the age of AI?

While we understand that AI technologies have the potential to reshape the way projects are designed, managed, and executed in AEC, we also recognize the critical importance of AI governance.

In today’s AI-driven world, using AI responsibly and ethically is crucial. That’s why we’ve created robust guidelines for AI governance tailored for the AEC industry. Our AI governance guidelines are designed not only to harness the benefits of AI but also to assess and mitigate its potential pitfalls. Remember, it’s not just about the technology itself; it’s about using it in the right way. We believe by understanding AI risks, you can foster a culture of responsible AI adoption and implementation in your organization that ultimately safeguards against potential pitfalls and risks of AI.

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